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DEX223 Ethereum
DeFi 3,200,000,000 $0.0009 Participate
StakeLayer Ethereum
Stake 100.000.000 $0.00833 Participate
Umoja Arbitrum
Crypto's Asset Factory 40.000.000 $0.15 Participate
TaskChain Ethereum
Web3 & GameFi 2.800.000.000 $0.006 Participate
birdbyte Ethereum
Artificial Intelligence 35.682.539 $0.01 Participate
Piacoin BSC
DeFi 75.000 $1 Participate
Flappy Base Base Network
Play to Earn 48.227.273 $0.002 Participate

Key Points

Safe Investment

Projects with high earning potential that have been reviewed and pre-approved by our team are listed.

Easy to Participate

Projects that are almost impossible to participate in are not listed! Projects that you can directly invest in are listed, not projects that involve luck-based challenges.

Exact Hit

We list the ico and ido crypto projects we list in a simple and effective way, so you can easily choose the type of project you are interested in.

Low Risk High Profit

You can invest any amount you want in the pre-sale projects we have listed and achieve high earning potential with little risk.

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. An ICO is a funding method used to launch a cryptocurrency project. In an ICO, project developers usually create and sell a new cryptocurrency or token. ICOs usually take place at a specific stage of the project. At this stage, the idea behind the project, technical details and future goals are usually announced. Investors buy these tokens, believing that the project will succeed and the tokens will increase in value.

IDO stands for “Initial DEX Offering”. An Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is a cryptocurrency funding event held on a decentralized exchange (DEX). In an IDO, a project's tokens are created on a blockchain, usually Ethereum, and then listed and offered for sale on a decentralized exchange. IDOs take advantage of traditional decentralized exchanges to offer cryptocurrency projects' tokens to the public. This type of funding event allows project developers to offer their tokens directly to exchange users. IDOs are faster and more cost-effective than traditional ICOs, and often provide access to a wider audience of investors.

IEO stands for “Initial Exchange Offering”. An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is when a cryptocurrency project offers its tokens for sale on a cryptocurrency exchange. In an IEO, project developers partner with an exchange and sell tokens through the exchange's platform. IEOs are similar to ICOs in that the project tokens are offered for sale directly through a crypto exchange, but this time through the exchange. Exchanges promote the project, conduct the sale and usually provide some form of oversight. Investors usually use the cryptocurrencies they have saved in their own accounts when buying tokens on the exchange.